If you're planning to visit CastleCourt you'll find everything you need to enjoy your shopping trip, including Customer Service, Shop Mobility Service, Child safe shopping, parent rooms and much more.

Customer Service

You'll find our Customer Service desk located on the lower mall beside Semi-Chem or they can be contacted on 028 9023 4591. They're available to assist with directions, purchase of Gift Cards, retailer information, lost property, transport information and much, much more.

We love getting your feedback, so while you're there pick up a customer comments card from the desk.

Shop Mobility Service

We provide specific parking spaces situated close to the centre entrances for disabled shoppers. Accessible toilets are located on the first floor, beside KFC and also in the toilet facilities beside Thomas Cook.

Wheelchairs are available at our Customer Relations Desk located on the ground floor next to Semi-Chem.  Mobility Scooters are not available at the Customer Relations Desk.

Shop Mobility store makes shopping more accessible for those who need it. Wheelchairs and scooters are available for hire from the store located just outside the centre on Gresham Street.  Please visit their website for opening hours. http://www.shopmobilitybelfast.co.uk/

For further information contact Shop Mobility on 028 9031 9191.

Child Safe Shopping

CastleCourt is a child safe shopping centre and as part of our family facilities, we offer a hotline number to assist parents and guardians in finding children who have been separated from them whilst out shopping.

Pick up your free wristbands in centre!

When you visit CastleCourt, you will be able to obtain free wristbands for your children from the Customer Relations desk located on the lower mall beside Semi-Chem. A contact telephone number should be written on the wristband and in the event of your child being lost, you will be contacted quickly and reunited.

Top Tips for Child Safe Shopping

If you lose a child whilst shopping:

  • Stay close to where you last saw them
  • Look for the Child Safe Zone stickers displayed on shop doors and windows
  • Ring the number displayed on the sticker
  • Speak directly to our Security team who will help you

Teach your child to do the following, if they get lost:

  • Stop, stand still and look, don't run about
  • If they see the person they were with, go to them and hold their hand
  • If lost in a shop, go to the nearest till point and talk to the shop staff (Most shop assistants will wear uniforms or name badges)
  • If in the shopping centre, tell them to look for the smiley orange balloon window sticker, then look for a parent with children and ask them to ring the number
  • Do not go up to anyone else and do not leave the shopping centre with a stranger!

The best way to help a lost child:

  • Encourage children to stay close to you
  • Use reins or wrist links
  • Don't leave them in an unsupervised play area
  • Write your contact number on a child safe wristband
  • Carry an up to date photograph of your child
  • Take note of what your child is wearing

For more information regarding Child Safe shopping at CastleCourt, please pop along to the Customer Relations in the centre.

Free WiFi Service

CastleCourt now provides a free WiFi service for its customers. To access it, simply log on to _CastleCourt and begin browsing. We are also pleased to announce that we are Friendly WiFi accredited which means that you can allow your children to browse the web worry-free.

Mobile Phone Charging 

Charge your phone securely for only £ 1 per 30 minutes. You can find our mobile charging points beside the Customer Relations desk on the lower mall and opposite Matalan on the upper mall.


Secure & Safe

CastleCourt provides you with a safe shopping experience. We employ a number of overt security measures, but also operate a number of unseen, covert security measures for your protection.

NO Smoking

CastleCourt operates a strict ‘No Smoking’ policy.

We would like to advise all visitors to the centre that the use of both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes is not permitted in CastleCourt at any time.

Most major attractions and many shopping centres across the UK and Ireland adopt this approach and you are unable to use vaping products in airports, hospitals and on public transport.

Changing Places Facility

CastleCourt now provides fully accessible toilet facilities for people with profound disabilities. The facility is wheelchair accessible and offers a height-adjustable adult-sized changing bench, a ceiling track hoist, and plenty of space for carers. It is located on the first floor beside Argos.

CastleCourt is the first shopping centre in Northern Ireland to have a Changing Places facility installed with most others located in public buildings such as leisure centres and town halls. 

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